Writers Do Exist!

On a recent warm spring day I entered a small eyeglasses shop. “May I help you?” the lady behind the counter asked. I handed her my prescription then took the time to examine the different styles of frames that were in glass cases and shelves throughout the store. The lady disappeared into the back. Upon her return she assured me that my glasses would done in a few minutes. Then she tried to engage me in conversation leading off with that question that I hate the most.

“So what do you do?” she asks.

“I’m a writer,” I say.

“Mmhmm. I mean, what do you really do?”

So, let’s stop and take a snapshot of this situation right quick. I am in this place of business spending my money and now I have been insulted. So I take a deep breath then answer her second question.

“I am a writer.”

Then she appeared a bit uncomfortable like I had some kind of communicable disease or something.

“Oh,” she said. “I’ll check on your glasses.” Then she quickly disappears through the door that led to the back of the store. Then she returns with the news that my glasses are not quite finished yet then there was that pause where we both stood silent and she examined me a second. “So what do you do to earn money?”

At this point I am puzzled by her persistence on wanting to know my employment status so I pull my credit card from my purse and hand it to her. “I can go ahead and pay for my glasses while I wait,” I say.

“If you’ll just sign here,” she says after she has run card and a receipt is generated. She keeps her eyes on me the whole time I am signing, then she says, “So you’re a writer, huh?”

“Yes,” I say.

She continues to stare at me like she just couldn’t believe that I was telling the truth.. Maybe she thought I was a fool or something. I never know in these situations. Yes, this happens a lot and I just want to say Honey, writers do exist!!!


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