The Boa Flouncer Embarrassed

Earlier today I found myself embarrassed. I made a post on the Katrina Byrd Fanpage.

Right now I am about as embarrassed as I was when I sat on, not one, but two dark chocolate moon pies in the Bass Pro Shop parking lot.
August 22, 2012

I have had several questions:
1. Why am I embarrassed?
2. Why was I in the Bass Pro parking lot?
3. Is white the color for today?

At this time I will answer all three of those questions.

#1. This morning right after I took my liquid vitamins which taste like a mixture of ick and NASTY, I took a turn around the yard. As I admired the plants and talked to the little round fat kitty cats I noticed that one of my favorite pairs of sunglasses lay in a heap by the yellow lawn chair where I’d been sitting last night. As I looked at the lens- less, cracked frame sunglasses I didn’t know which I was embarrassed most by – the idea that I sat on the frame last night or that I may have run over the lenses with the lawn mower when I was cutting the area around the blueberry bushes the other day. I just stood there, two kitty cats at my feet, looking at my sunglasses. I felt as embarrassed as the day – Oh, that’s spilling into question 2.

#2. One beautiful, sunny Saturday my friend and I went to the Bass Pro Shop. I needed a new tackle box and I wanted to see if I could get some more fishin’ line for my special pole that I have named Big Bufford. I bought Big Buford about 12 years ago. Anyway there I was at the Bass Pro Shop buying fishin’ gear when I spotted a display of dark chocolate moon pies. Well I bought two. My friend and I took everything to the cab of the t truck – oh we paid for it first. Then we had lunch at the Bass Pro Restaurant. When we returned to the truck we removed everything from the cab or so we thought. I got into the truck and sat down hard. It was then, sitting there in the parking lot that I remembered that I’d purchased two moon pies. I was so embarrassed. Between me sitting on them and the heat they looked—Well they certainly didn’t look as good as they did in the store.

#3 Yes, the color for today is white.


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