I don’t know which was worse; seeing this beautiful well cared for animal laying dead in the street or being unable to do anything about it.  It was 4:30 in the morning as I stood in front of my house filled with anger, pain and grief for a beautiful, black lab laying on the pavements.  Just minutes earlier I’d heard the screeching tires, the loud squeal and the roar of the engine as the car drove away.  When I made it to the street and saw her I knew immediately that this wasn’t a stray.  She was somebody’s pet, the love of someone’s life.  That’s why I stayed with her, cried for her and stood there with a light to make sure other drivers were aware of her.  It was still dark and she was a black lab.  I tried to lift her but I couldn’t get her up by myself so I called a friend who came and helped me.  We lay her down in my front yard and covered her with a sheet.  Around 8-ish I called the vet listed on her tag.  When the vet told me who the owner was I became even more upset because it turns out the owner and I are friends on fb.  After I spoke with him he came and got Nola, his beautiful girl. 


I wish people could understand how beautiful and how precious animals are.  I was so angry at the driver.  Though I understand that it may have been an accident – it was dark and Nola was a black lab- but the very least the driver could’ve done was stop and try to get her out of the road.  First of all the driver was going too darn fast in the first place.  The callousness of this driver angers me to tears.  


In situations like this are very challenging for the Boa Flouncer. 


2 thoughts on “Nola

  1. Oh Katrina! I so feel your anguish over the loss of someone’s dear pet. Hugs, hugs and more hugs. It is so tragic when someone’s callous and thoughtless act breaks our heart and the heart of another. You were very gallant to have stayed with the poor Nola and I commend you for having the fortitude to be so kind and thoughtful a person. This is why I call my ‘friend’ dear! You are very worthy of the title and just simply a light in the darkness!

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