Just in from freeing the dusty miller. Its little silvery white leaves were just wrapped in stickery vines. As I pulled, yanked and tugged trying to maintain a lady-like disposition, I realized that many talented people are in the same position as the dusty miller. They are talented but their desire to follow their own path is smothered by fear. I read somewhere once that we say that we fear failure but in reality we fear success.

What if your book is a success? What if your business is a success? What if your career as a dancer, chef, singer etc. really takes off? Life as you know it now would be different. A whole different routine. Different people. Different responsibilities, clothes, lifestyle etc. It sounds down right terrifying but so does not pursuing your dreams. Fortunately for us we have more power than the duster miller and other vegetation that can be covered by invasive weeds. We have the power to overcome our invasive weeds of fear. We have the power, the faith, the inner strength to let the negative actions and remarks of others not become our opinions of ourselves and our dreams.


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