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Katrina Byrd


Katrina Byrd, teaching artist, storyteller and Jackson native, has been accepted to both the Mississippi Arts Commission’s Artist Roster and Teaching Artist Roster.


Katrina Byrd is a storyteller (playwright, writer, performer and teaching artist) who has developed several writing workshops for writers and playwrights.  “I feel that it is important to share the gift of writing,” says Byrd who will be presenting her workshop The Story Recipe at the 2012 Whole Schools’ Institute. 


Byrd has had several of her short plays performed by Fondren Theatre Workshop, Vicksburg Theatre Guild and her play CPR Training, directed by Jeffery Murphy, was performed by the Detectives’ Dinner Theatre at University Medical Center’s annual Martin Luther King Program in January 2012.  Byrd has also written several monologues that have been performed locally by several theatre artists and two of her short stories have appeared in Black Magnolias Literary Magazine. 


Byrd designed the Dramatist to Dramatist playwriting workshop while she was playwright in residence at the Center Players’ Community theatre in Madison.  Dramatist to Dramatist, designed from the stand point of one artist sharing with another, is designed to help writers and playwrights enhance their skills.  Since then she’s developed several workshops including The Story Recipe, Man in the Mirror and Shake Rattle and Roll.  


“I am excited about being added to the Artist Roster,” says Byrd who is excited about traveling to more schools and communities to share her workshops.  “There are so many people who are intimidated by writing.  I want to share the joy of creating your own stories.” 


Katrina Byrd, author of three books, is available to speak to schools and other organizations about her experience in motivational and fiction writing and play writing



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