Beauty and the Beast Jr.

On a cool evening in late January I enter a dark, crowded auditorium and make my way to the front. Immediately after I take my seat Pelahatchie Attendance Center’s production of Beauty and the Beast Jr. begins. The show is directed by Robby Scucchi and Vickie Mercier. When the show began I was quickly drawn into the beautiful classic story of Beauty and the Beast as I listened to the narrator and watched the actors.

I was mesmerized by the beautiful set and the creative way the actors made use of the stage. As the show progresses I’m awed by the energy, commitment and focus it takes to put on a show with this large cast of 76. All of the actors were focused as they delivered lines, sang and danced. The show was so moving.

I LOVED the show. The singing was wonderful. The choreography was awesome. And I really enjoyed the acting and the beautiful costumes. I loved the fact that young children have the opportunity to experience different aspects of theatre. I also loved the inclusiveness of the ensemble, the creativity and us the way they worked together as a team.

When the show ends I am on my feet clapping and screaming for this wonderful cast and crew. I was so moved by the performance. If I had to rate this performance I would give it 76 stars!!!!!!

Till next time,


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