Steppin’ High in 2012

I’m ready.  I hope you are because there is a lot of excitement and new steps to be made in 2012.  Of course, moving forward, taking new steps and moving out of your comfort zone does not come without a price. 


2011 was a tough year for me.  A lot of wonderful things happened to me but I also had a LOT of big losses last year.  One loss was a very dear friend of mine.  We grew up together; went to school together; shopped, bought prom dresses together and even lived in the same apartment complex together.  When I moved we grew apart.  Her death was very hard for me but if I’m to learn anything from her life and her death,  it is that life is a gift.  Live it.  Learn from it. 


One of the great things about 2011 was experiencing the wealth of talent found in the local artistic community.  It was my pleasure to sit in the audience and watch, share the stage with, watch videos of and read articles about so many of the strong, talented, dedicated diverse  and multi-talented artist in the Jackson and surrounding areas. 


In the past few weeks I have also found wonderful support and friendship in many literary artists from around the world.  Many of whom, Donna Brown, Willow Cross, Callie Cool and JS Wilsoncrot, have been very supportive. 


Support from friends, family and all the artists in my life have been such a help to me as a literary artist, performing artist and theatre artist.  It is your strength, faith, daring spirits and encouraging words that inspire me to take that next step.


For those of you who are contemplating moving forward, trying something new or who are wondering if there’s more to life than this, I would like to encourage you to take a long look at your life then make a choice.  Choose what you want to do and start doing it.  You may have to start small.  That’s fine.  The important thing is to start somewhere because when you start allowing yourself to do what you would like to do, you will attracted more people who support you in your efforts, experiences and opportunities to do what you want to do. 


Come on, sista, brotha, step with me this year.



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