So, what are you working on? Uh…uh..

Thanksgiving has passed and as the last few days of November approach I think of all the work I have to do in December.  Most of my work December work will be things I have to do to prepare for next year.  Saying that I am overwhelmed tight now is an understatement.  But the kicker is when somebody asks what I’m working on I find myself unable to answer the question.  Weird huh?  The deal is folks don’t believe me when I say that I have twenty open projects on my desk right now.  I’ve gotten comments like “yeah, right” or that patronizing “oh really.” 


See, it’s difficult for some people to understand that a lot of planning goes into what I do.  I think it’s because it’s hard for some folks to see me as a hard worker because I spend so much time joking etc.  I also think many folks see writing as an easier job than it really is.  Many people don’t understand that the true work on writing projects often happens months before the project is announced to the public. 


So as I look at the mountain of work on my desk I  sort through it piece by piece in the knowledge that I have the support of so many wonderful folks on the Katrina Byrd Fanpage, the local artistic community in Jackson and I have the love and support of an inner circle of friends and family!!!  Wow!!  Now that I feel all of this love I’m going to prepare a cup of HOT green tea and continue working. 


Talk to you soon.



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