Steppin’ OUt

The first step for people who dream of success is to realize that you deserve what you desire. For years I twirled around in my kitchen singing into a spoon unaware that there were real opportunities out there for me to hone my skills. Once I let go of the spoon and stepped out of my kitchen I realized that there was a stage out there with my name on it. But I had to relax and take that step. I had to go to auditions. I had to believe that I had something to offer. It wasn’t long before my spoon was replaced with a real, honest to goodness, body mic. which I promptly dropped when it came unattached as I pranced out on stage. Thankfully Robby, my friend and director of the show was kind enough to reach up my dress and hand it to me. Thankfully this took place at a dress rehearsal.

When you step out on faith everything you need will be given to you. You will feel deserving. You will learn what you need to continue to move toward your goals. The real trick, however, is stepping out when you don’t see all of the elements needed to accomplish your goal. Knowing you want to be a performer and singing to the silverware are miles apart. The key to connecting the two is to take a leap of faith.

Today I’d like you to consider taking that step toward whatever it is you desire.

Let’s talk again soon


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