Trust Women

My dear friends,

Seeing is black or white. Either you see or you don’t. For ninety percent of my life I didn’t. I was born with congenital cataracts and a wandering eye. For years I went through life as a legally blind person who wore thick glasses and who didn’t go to the School for the Blind. I didn’t request or receive any ADA accommodations. I was bullied, talked about by kids and even some teachers. A few years ago, after much urging from my best friend, asking questions and research, I found a doctors who could help. Within three years my wandering eye was corrected, I tried contacts and found they were not my best option, and I decided to get lens implants. I was kept awake during one of the lens implant surgeries. I have endured surgeries, recoveries, one unpleasant doctor, long waits and a number of unforeseen adjustments. If I can deal with this medical issue why wouldn’t I be smart enough to deal with issues concerning my reproductive organs?

I join with doctors, religious groups, community organizations, the ACLU and NOW in saying NO to proposition 26. For me it is not a question of pro- choice or pro- life. Women have been making choices for hundreds of years. We have nurtured our children, our families and our communities. We have sent our men to war, cried for and with them. We have made major contributions to our country. We have stood, sat, marched and sang for freedom. We have sought knowledge, achieved goals and made not only our dreams, but the dreams of our families a reality. We have shown remarkable strength, courage, intelligence, creativity and ingenuity in the office, the home, on the job, on the battlefield, in the classroom, in the court room, the bedroom and the delivery room. We don’t need the government to make decisions for us regarding our reproductive rights. Women are smart enough, strong enough, loving enough, informed enough to make these decisions ourselves.
I appreciate the intentions of those who support Proposition 26. I share their passion for the sanctity of life; however I am concerned about the unintended consequences of this legislation. I am concerned about the dangers this could cause to families and the dilemmas it can cause for women and doctors.
Katrina Byrd


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