My Wonderful Day!

On a beautiful warm, sunny Friday in October I go to the doctor’s office to get a B-12 shot. As I walk down the hall of the hospital I am pleasantly surprised by a Breast Cancer display. The ladies were serving pink lemonade and cookies. For me it was more than cookies and punch. It was a time for me to think about some of my beautiful friends who have been affected by breast cancer in some way.

I have friends who have survived breast cancer; friends who have nursed their mothers and daughters through it; friends who have lost loved ones to it and friends who have died from it. I couldn’t help thinking about them today.

After my shot I walk to the main hospital where I try to forget my sore arm by enjoying a Kona Mocha Freeze and a pumpkin muffin. I took a second to place a few prayers in the prayer box while I was at the coffee shop.

I work for about two hours then I head to lunch.

This was a real treat for my sore arm. LOL!!!

Today has been filled with lots of great surprises. I’m not sure I got much work done but it was wonderful seeing lots of new faces and talking to some really nice people.

Writers do more than write. They live, love, feel, experience and observe.

Till next time


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