When I stepped into the spot it was about ten till five. Drinks were flowing and everybody was having a good time. This was my first time to attend the Red Party so I was quite excited to be there at Bravos. I had on a white top and I had my boa draped across my shoulders. On my way to the wine table I saw Jeff Good. He greeted with a hug. After the hug was over Jeff picked up a feather from the ground and said, “I de-plumed you.” I smiled and assured him that this was, not the first time I’d been de-plumed.

During the course of the evening I visited with many people. Some I already knew and some I’d just met. Above all it was nice to talk to people and hear their stories. As writers we often forget that living our lives is a large part of writing. Whether fiction or nonfiction, stories come from experiences. As a writer it’s my job to experience, observe, write and edit.

For a long time I omitted the experiences part. I stayed home all of the time. My interactions with others were primarily via email or telephone. I can see a huge difference in my writing since I’ve been getting out more. For example my characters used to be flat. My stories were dialogue driven with little to no imagery. Now I’m seeing characters with more dimensions and my stories possess a lot more imagery.

I look forward to more living and more writing!!
Until next time


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