Getting Down!!

So much has changed in my life over the past couple of years.  I’m more focused on my writing.  I’ve made man new friends and connections.  However, when people meet me they associate me with happiness, laughter, being upbeat.  I like this but I often worry that people think that I can’t get down.  I’m not talking dancing here.  LOL!!  I mean “get down” as in having a bad day.  Well I do get down from time to time.  But more importantly I get up.

Life is filled with many grim realities.  At times these grim realities can become overwhelming.  In these times I choose to accept that I’m going through a rough time then I choose to find a way to move forward.  I continue to work.  I talk to friends.  I know that things will get better and they do.  

We all get down but the wonderful thing is that we can all get up!


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