Do you see what I see?

On a cold December evening I know I’m going to be late for all of my Christmas Eve Activities.  My hair is in large yellow curlers as I sit under the dryer.  There’s no way it’ll be dry in time.  I feel the panic creep up my spine.  The shrimp are still frozen.  I forgot to get milk for the eggnog and I have a few more gifts to wrap.  I know I’ll miss church.  I thought it started at six but it starts at five and my hair won’t be dry in time.  DARN!!

I take a deep breath and say “thank you,” for the many gifts I’ve received across the year.  In addition to supportive, loving friends, this year I received the gift of sight.  I now have implants in both eyes.  I can now see more detail than I could at this time last year. 

If you would like to read a more detailed version of my journey with my eye, leave a comment indicating that you’d like the detailed version and I will send you the December Issue of my email newsletter, K-News.

Merry Christmas!!


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