Justice is Blind

Justice is Blind

“The new guy here yet?”  (CAPTAIN SKINNER)  The mayor in the small fictitious town of Hutnersville, Ms has instructed Captain Skinner to hire a person of color on the Hutnersville all white police force.  As he and his deputy, Eddie Lee, await the arrival of the new guy, they are faced with the gruesome reality that there’s a murderer on the loose.  “Two dead girls in this town.” (CAPTAIN SKINNER)

“I’ve got to see him!  I’ve got to see the new guy!” (LARRY)  When the new guy arrives she’s a woman.  She’s Black.  She’s Blind. The drama unfolds as Detective Justice Robertson (the new guy)  conducts a thorough investigation  which could land Dr. John Caston, the most powerful man in Huntersvill, in jail.  “Where I come from we don’t coddle suspects.!”  (JUSTICE)

 In her quest for justice will Detective Robertson further divide the town?  “People around here don’t like new comers coming around and telling them how to do things.” (EDDIE LEE)  Or will she make herself a target?  “…git out of town before you get hurt!”  (CAPTAIN SKINNER) One town.  One detective.   One killer.


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