Dissin’ on my Mind

A few months ago a friend of mine, Hannah is her name, made a comment about my mind.  I can’t remember the exact words but basically she meant that I saw things differently.  Differently? Is different the word people use when they really mean weird? LOL!  Oddly enough, Hanah wasn’t the first person to tell me this and, well, I guess she won’t be the last. 

So why do people diss on my mind? Why is the way I think so weird, quirky, off of the beaten path etc.?   I always thought my way of thinking was normal.  I mean doesn’t everyone say, “bless you” after someone belches? Doesn’t everyone dance around the house wearing a boa and high heels?  Doesn’t everyone teach their animals to dance? I’ve been working on a hip hop routine with my cockatiel.  You know, it’s hard to get him to understand the difference between belly dancing and hip hop.  “The key is posture,” I tell him but he doesn’t listen.  But I digress.  But, doesn’t everyone laugh at themselves?  Not ha ha but a big belly laugh.  Doesn’t everyone ask their dog, cat, bunny, a question then pause briefly just in case the animal wishes to reply?  Doesn’t everyone sit with their back to the television and constantly ask others what’s happening on the screen?

Okay, so maybe Hannah and the other are right.  I do have an interesting view on life. However, it is the different way of thinking that comes in handy when writing.  Thinking differently gives your writing an extra dimension.  You’re not afraid to build nontraditional characters and situations.  Today I challenge you to be different.  LOL!  No, I don’t expect you to parade around in a boa or teach a bird to dance.  LOL!  I was thinking you could check out this writing prompt.

Writing Prompt

A woman walks into a fried chicken restaurant. There’s a long line.  “We always have to wait, don’t we?” she says angrily then walks to a nearby table where a man and woman are eating. After she takes a drumstick from the man’s plate she sits in the middle of the floor cross legged and takes a bit of the chicken.  Then she says…..   Okay, you take it from here.

Let’s talk again next week


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