Put it On

On last Friday I was invited to a luncheon hosted by Red Hatters at a local retirement home. Some of the ladies saw  me in a performance of HATS last March.

 The day before the lunch I was worried about so many things.  My radio was broken, I didn’t have a usable boa and I had several other projects going as well.  I dealt with everything as best as I could.  I bought a new radio but it was small and I was nervous that it would be hard to hear it.  I bought a new boa which I like very much.  The next day I was still a bit nervous and uptight.  My nail polish looked awful.  It was cheap and didn’t dry properly so it just looked like ick. 

Right before time for me to come in I stood outside of two double doors and waited.  As soon as I heard the drum beats to the song Put Your Red Hat On, I burst through the doors and took my spot in the center of the room where I danced and sang my heart out.  When I finished I was told that they weren’t ready for me yet.  They were actually trying to prepare the music.  So my entrance was a surprise to everyone.  LOL! 

For so long I have been so focused on getting it right but last Friday I was reminded that I’m not perfect and life isn’t perfect but imperfection can only get in the way if you let it.  Last Friday we didn’t let it.  The best part of the lunch was when I sang Put Your Red Hat On  and the ladies got up and danced with me.


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