Can You Stand the Rain?

Just in from picking roses.  I’m looking out of my den windows and I’m more than a little concerned about the weather.   There are tornado watches, heavy rain and straight-line winds in the area.  I can already hear the low rumbles of thunder.  As I sit here and contemplate all I have to do to be as prepared as I can be for this storm (flashlight, candles, fresh water etc.) I think of how I’ve sat in church many times and have hard the following question:  What will you do if you die today?  Do you know where your soul is going?

One day I went to a church services and heard the question:  What if you don’t die tonight?  What will you do tomorrow?  I was so amazed to hear this question.  It inspired me to live life and not just be alive.  To pick the roses, to have homemade lattes, sit on the porch, rub the cats and have faith that I can stand the rain. 

Let’s talk again soon


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