Girl, stop lying to yourself

I’m sitting here looking out at the beautiful evening.  The sun is illuminating all of the beautiful flowers.  Birds are at the bird feeders, cats are lounging one minute chasing each other the next.  I look out on all of this splendor and am thankful to see it.  I marvel at it just as I marvel at how much my life has changed since I’ve made a commitment to trusting my own judgment, thinking my own thoughts and to follow my dreams and not the dreams of someone elses.  I also made a commitment to be honest with myself.  I’ve broken that committment today.  My bunny rabbit died this morning and I am sad.   She was such a sweet girl.  Each day about noon I massaged her back with my feet.  She used to hang out with me in the den which is where I do most of my writing.  It’ s been hard today.

Let’s talk again soon


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