More than Fabulous!

Wow!  Where do I begin.  Last night Millsaps College’s production of Fabulation opened.  The show was awesome!  I am so honored to be a part of such a talented cast.  Honestly, in the beginning I was quite nervous.  Millsaps’ Players have a long history of producing rich, energetic shows that keep audiences on the edge of their seats.  To be honest, I didn’t think  i was good enough but I auditioned anyway.  I auditioned because Fabulaiton was written by an African American, female playwright.  WOW!  I purchased the book before the audition.  At the audition, I read for the part of grandma.  I fell in love with the character immediately but was certain that I wouldn’t be cast in the role.   

Once I was cast in the role, I was quite excited and quite nervous.  There were even times I felt that I’d gotten in way over my head.  I’m the oldest person in the cast(I guess that is a plus when playing the role of grandma) and I don’t have a background in theatre.  So there were a lot of technical things that I didn’t know about.  Things like biting your words, or not crossing your legs while speaking on the stage. 

Once I learned my lines my next task was work with the props while saying the lines.  Okay, that was hard but all in all I think I’ve gotten it together. 

This is the most difficult role that I’ve played.  Grandma is a woman who has worked hard all of her life and now that she’s old it is as if she’s no longer useful to the family.  She’s obviously lonely and in search of  freedom and something that she can be a part of.  I believe that grandma wanted Undine to be successful.  I believe a part of that success was due to the influence that grandma had on Undine’s life.  Most of all, I love it that the playwright took her time to construct the grandma character into a nonstereotypical grandma.  Early on in the play Undine says something about not wanting to be an aging, demure grandmother…   Imagine her shock when she sees her grandma for what she really is; a human being in a quest to belong.

Last night at the talk back it was mentioned that the cast was diverse.  I agree that there is diversity but the diversity goes beyond black and white.  The cast is also a mix of students from different parts of the country, different interests, different disciplines and different experiences.  These students are some of the most dedicated, hard-working, talented, intelligent young people I’ve seen.  In addition to classes and Fabulation rehearsals, these young people work jobs, they are involved in community service projects, other extracurricular activities and attend to all of their homework, tests and projects.  I am impressed.  These are grounded students who are making things happen.  They already know wha tit takes to accomplish their goals.  WOW!!  Then there is this overwhelming atmosphere of  family.  They take care of each other.  It wasn’t unusual to see them discussing class work or helping each other run lines. 

I am so thankful to be a part of this production.  If you haven’t seen the show there are three more performances.

Let’s talk again next week.


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