Ply Really Does Matter!

This week I learned that ply does matter.  This week I had to skimp on a few things.  One of those things was toilet paper.  Instead of buying my normal brand i chose a package of twelve rolls.  The label on the package basically said Tissue.  I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal.  Hey, those rolls were just as white as my usual brand.  So I bought it.  Well, admittedly, I never considered the importance of ply at least not until that faithful moment when I availed myself of the facilities and found myself in need of the new toilet paper I’d bought.  I rolled a bit off the roll and I could read the newspaper through it.  I rolled a bit more off and quickly found that it wasn’t enough to perform the task at hand. 

I went back to my computer(after washing my hands of course) still shocked by the experience.  I had no idea that ply was so important.  I thought about this a bit and realized that I  got exactly what I paid for.  I invested $2.  I got about 18 uses out of 12 rolls of toilet paper (half rolls for small jobs; whole rolls for big ones.)  I begin to apply this new found knowledge to my writing and acting.  Do I want to be a .5 ply writer or actress?  Of course not!  But the real question here is how do you strengthen what you do?  How do you become worth the investment?

This week a fellow writer mentioned something about getting a real job.  I told her that writing was a real job.  But I didn’t always feel this way.  I used to think I could just throw something together and someone would give me a HUGE contract.  I quickly found out that writing is hard work.  As one of my mentors put it, “You’re making a contract with the reader”  In order to keep your end of the contract the work must be consistent and correct.  In order to create a great work it takes LOTS of editing, rewriting and reading. 

So let’s all strive to be 4 ply in all that we do this week.


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