Welcome to the Boa Flouncer’s Blog, honey!

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The cat is sick.  The toast is burnt.  The oat meal is so thick it can be eaten with the shovel I plan to use to set out the pansies. Economy is down.  People are hurting.  The neighbors’ house burned to a crisp.  Every time I step outside to feed the cats all I smell is a mixture of tuna and burnt house.  All I hear are neighbors cussin’ and raising hell.   I have enough work to keep me busier than a one armed paper hanger. Lots of unanswered questions bounce around in my head.  How do I work the new health care site? What can I do to make a difference?  The New Year is almost here and I am plagued with that feeling of excitement and uncertainty.  My closet is about as unorganized as my uncombed hair. My voice is still clouded with phlegm.  Every time I try to sing I sound like a cross between a bull frog and a constipated cow.  So I guess this is a wonderful day to start a blog on positive thinking and the joy of living.   Living, that’s what I’m doing as I sit at my computer in my plaid pants and a striped shirt typing away.  Despite the gloomy circumstances that hang over me I am happy.  Happiness isn’t  the absence of sorrow.  It’s the presence of faith.

  In the past I’ve tried to write posts that I thought others would enjoy reading.  I’m known most for my attitude and humor but for the Boa Flouncer’s Blog I will focus on the Boa Flouncer’s journey – the journey of a person who is committed to living her life on her own terms.  You can expect to see posts on a variety of subjects – style, writing, performing, cooking, inspirational posts and more.   

 Strut with me, honey and let’s get this thing in action!


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